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“Load-shedding is here to stay” – President Cyril Ramaphosa Parliament (2021)

“Eskom has to reiterate that there will continue to be an electricity supply shortfall of
approximately 4,000MW over the next five years” – Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter (2021)

PowaBear Mini was so easy to install and so convenient as it keeps my internet hardware powered and connected and you don’t even notice it’s there.  My internet connection remains uninterrupted so whether it’s been for work or entertainment I haven’t even noticed load shedding.

Deon - Cape Town

If I can install Powabear, anybody can, and the friendly support team were there to assist me.
Load shedding comes and goes, all with zero FOMO..

Rini - Cape Town

Load shedding at the moment 😅 We love PowaBear  🐻 ♥️

Francesco - Cape Town

Received our PowaBear by courier 🚚 today. Can’t believe how easy this was, we dig the 🐻 🙌🏻

Gys - Wellington

I would like to say how thrilled we are with PowaBear, it’s such an awesome product.  During load shedding it has been a life saver for our family. It is neat and tidy very reliable and huge reassurance knowing that no matter what we always have WIFI
Thank you

Tracy - Cape Town

I worry about our safety and not being able to make contact in case of an emergency. Powabear has completely resolved all of these problems for me.  It’s such an easy and affordable solution to maintaining an internet connection during load shedding.  We bought our unit in 2020 and it’s worked without a glitch from day 1.  It’s honestly the best thing since the invention of electricity! I’d highly recommend Powabear to anyone needing uninterrupted power to keep their WiFi ON.

Tanja - Cape Town

PowaBear’s Mini UPS is all you’ll ever need to keep you online and protect your devices from power surges, short circuits and other irregularities in electricity supply. Maintain an “always powered” internet connection in the event of a power failure or ongoing load-shedding.  Easy ‘plug, play & forget’ with a purchase or rental option make the PowaBear Mini UPS a reliable, safe and the most affordable option to always keep your internet active.

Comfortably powering your internet connection hardware during power outages and load shedding for up to ~ 4 hours.

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